Noooooo! With all of Sony's new focus on getting as many indie games as possible to be ported to the PS Vita, I knew we would suffer a significant casualty somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, FTL: Faster Than Light will not be joining its fellow indie hits on Sony's handheld, making it the first major blow to my dream of carrying around all of my favorite indie games on a single device.

Subset Games' Justin Ma addressed fans of the game on Twitter regarding a port, and his reasoning for not bringing FTL to the Vita was simply because the screen was too small.

As much as I hate to admit it, the decision does make a lot of sense. FTL: Faster Than Light requires extremely precise and fast touch controls, and those of us cursed with big fingers would more often than not hit an incorrect area of the spaceship we were managing. Frustrating as it may seem to not get the game, it would be even more frustrating to get a game physically impossible to play.

Not all hope is lost for anyone looking to play the game on the road, though. FTL: Advanced Edition was released for the iPad last November, and the larger screen makes up for all the pushing and touching that needs to be done in the game. Or, of course, there is also the normal PC version, which remains the ideal way to play a lot of indie games that have yet to find their way onto the Vita.