What you need to know

  • Disney released the second trailer for Frozen 2.
  • The trailer teases the mysterious, and possibly dangerious, history of Elsa's powerful abilities.

Everything has a beginning, and the new Frozen 2 trailer seeks out to find the beginning of Elsa's powerful abilities.

Disney on Tuesday dropped the second trailer for Frozen 2 and it makes one thing very clear: the past is not what it seems. There is a mysterious history behind Elsa's powers and Anna is going to go on the look for it. But it will not be an easy quest as she, along with Kristoff, Olaff and Sven, venture off into the forest to discover its secrets.

The new trailer continues to give us brief glimpses of Elsa's powerful abilities, and now there is even a mysterious icy horse-like creature that is appearing before her. This goes on top of all the other new questions the trailer raises. What is beyond the kingdom of Arendelle? What's up with the funky snowflakes Elsa conjures up? Who or what is that horse-like creature? What are those stone giants?

Disney is doing a great job of dropping tons of questions for the movie and in the process getting us excited to see what's new in Arendelle and beyond.

Frozen 2 arrives in theaters November 22.