Did Facebook just invent its own holiday? People logging into the social network on Thursday were greeted with the message “Happy Friends Day” and a personalized video.

Facebook claims it has been celebrating Friends Day on the company’s birthday (March 4) for years, though this may be the first time most people notice it. The videos are new, and offer a mix of photos and comments along with a scroll of birthday wishes posted to your wall. You can edit the video and quickly share it on the site, or just ignore it and move on with your life.

To celebrate, the company invited 18 people from global Facebook community GirlCrew to share their own experiences in a video featured in the Friends Day blog post. There’s also new sticker packs called Best Friends and Friendship available through Facebook Messenger to help you celebrate.

Whether Friends Day actually catches on remains to be seen. It’s worth noting that the new holiday is already competing with several more established celebrations, including Friendship Day, International Friendship Day and Día del Amigo. Most of those don’t happen until the summer, so if you want to celebrate friendship right now heading over the Facebook is probably your best bet.