Today is the day we see my second biggest gaming wish come true! Mega Man Legends, one of the all time greatest PSOne Classics, is finally getting an official digital re-release through the PlayStation Store, and it can be played comfortably on a PS Vita or PlayStation 3.

(If you’re curious, a translation for Dragon Quest VII on 3DS is still number one)

Mega Man Legends could have been one of the most revolutionary titles of all time if fans had been able to change perspective on what Mega Man game was supposed to be structured like. No, there aren’t eight robot masters, individual stages, and power-ups, but Capcom’s sharp minded director Yoshinori Kawano and his team transcended the classic formula in many ways.

In fact, it beat Metal Gear Solid’s localization and in-engine cutscenes and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Z-targeting and consistent 3D-world out of the gate by a whole year!

Mega Man Legends was popular with those who got it, but the game never found a foothold beyond its small fanbase. It is now seen as a misunderstood cult-classic masterpiece that fares much better on the retro scene. For newcomers and old-timers alike, the controls might take a bit of time to get into the mindset of… unless you re-map them through the Vita, of course.

The struggle to forget modern day conveniences is worth it, though, because Mega Man’s journey getting to know the inhabitants of Kattelox Island and exploring its underground is one of the most emotionally rewarding gaming experiences ever created. The $9.99 you’ll be paying for this marvelous little game is lunch money compared to the $50-$100 you’d pay for the game through Amazon with its box intact. I still have my physical copy, but with it available digitally, I’ll no longer have to keep it in my tiny Japanese apartment.

Be sure to check it out, and be equally sure to support Capcom’s latest initiative to bring back Mega Man to the forefront of gaming. With this release, all the wounds of the past half decade should be healed between Capcom and Mega Man fans, and even the most cynically jaded have to admit that the company has come a long way since canceling Mega Man Legends 3. This year alone, we’ve had amiibo, Super Smash Bros., a movie and animated series announcement, a licensed helmet, an excellent compilation of the original games, the long overdue PSN re-releases of Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, Mega Man 8, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, rounds of Virtual Console games, and now Mega Man Legends.

We’re still waiting for an original game, but altogether, much obliged, Capcom. I don’t think fans could have asked for more… and yet, I’m still sure they have.

Now that we have Mega Man Legends though, are there anymore PSOne Classics that you still want to see pop up on PSN? Breath of Fire III, Mega Man Legends 2, SaGa Frontier, Brave Fencer Musashi, Einhander, Dragon Warrior VII and Azure Dreams all come to mind. We’re not out of this yet.