Wow, this certainly is interesting. Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise are making their grand return to the video game scene… through an indie studio on Kickstarter.

This is real, folks. The game is inspired by Evolve in that a team of seven players will control a band of 1980s stereotypical camp counselors, and they must try to bring down a massively powerful Jason controlled by an eighth player. All of this takes place at Camp Crystal Lake, giving it a sense of authenticity that other uses of Jason in the past have not.

I’m sorry, but this sounds about as radical as “bad” good video games get. Please, let this happen.

Gun Media is running the project, and it has the backing of many of the horror film genre’s most recognizable faces including Sean S. Cunningham, director of the first Friday the 13th movie, Tom Savini, legendary make-up artist behind Dawn of the Dead and Friday the 13th, and Kane Hodder, the fan-favorite actor behind Jason’s mask in several of the later movies and the films’ stunt coordinator. Gun Media has even contracted out Harry Manfredini, the original film’s composer, to do the music.

In other words, with this team’s hands-on involvement, along with the staff members of Gun Media, it should be the most genuine Friday the 13th video game ever made. Not that it really matters when this is the standard you have for comparison.

Honestly, this game is not half as bad as its reputation.

The $700,000 Gun Media is asking for on Kickstarter does seem a bit shy of what a game like this usually might take to develop, so we’ll have to see if they are really aiming for something higher as stretch goals get announced. It is using Unreal Engine 4, and development has already had a significant amount of time sunk into it. That at least should cover some of the development time and funds.

As of writing, it has raised $216,497 after the first day.