As Motorola gears up for its July 28 event, a fresh leak is giving us another crystal clear look at the company’s upcoming devices. At this point, there’s very little mystery about Motorola’s plans. But if you’re anxious to see what the company has in store, check out the images above.

Similar to previous Motorola handsets, the company’s upcoming devices will share a similar design language across its entire portfolio, whether it’s the premium Moto X or the affordable Moto G. This year, it looks like Motorola is moving in a different direction with its new devices; the alleged Moto X (2015) has a stealthier design, one accented by a strip of metal down the device’s backside. The dimple has been minimized by quite a bit, too, while the hunchback is no longer visible.

There’s a chance the device could simply be a new DROID, so let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Either way, it looks like a solid hunk of a phone, punctuated by a rear shell that appears to be quite durable.

The other device, purported to be the Moto G, gives us a look at the device from a few different angles. There are no surprises here; it looks like what you’d expect from Motorola. Small, nimble, functional, and, we assume, affordable. Earlier this week, we got a chance to see what will supposedly be Motorola’s entire phone lineup, which might include the DROID mini, Moto G, a new DROID and the Moto X.

As for specs, the Moto X (2015) is expected to include a 5.2-inch Quad HD display and more powerful processor, while the Moto G will include a Snapdragon 410 and 5.-inch 720p screen. Motorola has an event planned for July 28, so we’ll know more soon.