A report from 9to5Google claims a new Motorola-made Nexus is indeed on the way, and it'll essentially be the smartphone of our dreams. We're talking a QHD display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, a 13-megapixel camera and other functionality you'd expect from a brand new Nexus device. It might not feature the familiar Motorola tricks, though that trademark design will be there—other rumors say there may even be a fingerprint scanner, though 9to5Google's report makes no mention of one.

The device is set for a mid-October announcement, the same time we're expecting to see that rumored HTC Nexus tablet we've been hearing so much about; and likely the same time we'll see an official launch of Android L, which we haven't heard much about over the past few months. Much of what's mentioned here is similar to many of the previous rumors, but it's yet another report claiming a new Nexus phone is imminent.

Sources told the site the device will look a lot like the existing Moto X (2014), though the screen will make a jump up to 5.92 inches. Thats… large, to say the least, but the market favors big phones, and this will just be one of many large devices we've seen this year. If it does feature the Moto X design, it will likely have a smaller footprint, as Motorola devices tend to; 9to5Google says the volume buttons will be lowered slightly to account for the larger size.

Curiously, this might not be the only Nexus phone Google announces, though there's not much information beyond what's being presented here. If the device does launch with the specs mentioned above while keeping its price low, it'll certainly be in the conversation for device of the year. We'll see what unfolds as we cross over into October.