While Apple is still selling millions of iPads per quarter — nothing to be ashamed about — the firm has noticed a sharp decline in iPad sales as folks find fewer reasons to upgrade to new models each year. That’s why pundits believe rumors of an alleged iPad Pro are indeed true: a larger iPad with additional multitasking functionality, which is already confirmed in iOS 9, might help attract new buyers. Now a fresh leak on Friday tells us a bit more about this alleged monster iPad Pro.

According to TechNews.tw, Apple has tapped Samsung and Sharp to supply the panels for the iPad Pro. The news outlet said the iPad will sport a 12.9-inch screen, which aligns with rumors dating back to late last year. Samsung was reportedly brought into the fold after successfully building displays during a test batch, the news outlet said. Sharp has typically supplied panels for Apple’s iPads, and LG is reportedly being considered as a tertiary supplier as needed.

Finally, TechNews.tw said the iPad Pro is expected sometime around the fourth quarter of this year, which lines up nicely with Apple’s standard iPad event in October. The tablet isn’t guaranteed, but with reports of its existence increasing regularly it seems likely we’ll see it this fall.