I’m sure everyone owns enough copies of Outlast for themselves and every kid on the block through various giveaways and Steam sales. However, if you still haven’t picked up this horror-fest, now is your chance to snatch it up for free.

What’s the catch? Well, you’ll need to buy a copy of its sequel, Outlast 2, through Humble Store. The game is available from today for $29.99, and seeing that the original still costs $19.99, you’ll be saving yourself a pretty penny.

Two solid games for the price of one

Reception of both games has been about as good as any indie studio could hope for. The first Outlast was one of the original indie horror hits and scared the dickens out of us in ways that only Amnesia: Dark Descent had done at that point into the indie movement. Outlast 2 has been doing well for itself in the critics’ circle this time round. I don’t think any of us are big on horror games, but those who are into them have nothing but praise.

Outlast 2 is available today for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.