Just a week after it was announced, the OnePlus Cardboard is now available to order. Even better, it’s free, though you’ll still have to cover the cost of shipping the VR headset.

The device is set to ship on July 10, so it should arrive in time for the OnePlus 2 virtual reality unveiling on July 27. As for the total cost, shipping comes to $5 in the U.S., £5 for the UK and €7 in Europe. That’s still a lot cheaper than Google Cardboard or any of the other headsets that work with Google’s VR software.

OnePlus Cardboard also improves on Google’s design in a few different ways. It’s 20 percent smaller while using a thicker and tougher cardboard material. It also features a special dirt and oil-resistant film, and works with devices up to 6-inches across.

Act fast if you’re interested. We have a feeling these are going to sell out, and OnePlus doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to meeting high demand quickly and efficiently. Hit the source link below to order one now.