The Collectors are back and want revenge on humans after Commander Shepard destroyed their base. Launching all out attacks on Alliance Installments through the galaxy, the remnants of Mass Effect 2's principle antagonists are still possessed by the ungodly powers of the Reapers and want to do everything they can to keep the galactic extinction cycle in motion.

Retaliation continues to craft Mass Effect 3's multiplayer into BioWare's complex canon, and it's also the game's most robust DLC expansion to date. Not only is an entire new race of enemies being introduced in this high octane trailer, but the new environmental hazards will be added to every existing level are also shown off. Acid traps, firestorms, blinding sandstorms, lightning bolts, whiteouts, and swarms of space insects will cover the maps, leaving the Alliance soldiers an extra layer of complications to overcome when completing missions.

To tag along with these two huge additions, new weapons from the Collector's arsenal will be available, two new Turian class types will show off the new jetpack function and a list of challenges will now keep track of your accomplishments and unlock banners and icons for the multiplayer menu.

I played Mass Effect 3's multiplayer more than most games', mostly just out of loyalty to the series. It was fun, but bare-boned and kind of repetitive, and like most mulitplayer modes, quickly fell off my radar after a dedicated weekend or two. Retaliation and its achievement list has me excited to once again jump into the Alliances faceless soldiers.

It also serves as a friendly reminder that Mass Effect 3 came out this year and is in the running for Game of the Year contests all over the net.

Retaliation will be available this week through Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 for free.

[via BioWare]

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