Zelda Four Swords

Excuse me, I believe you left this free Zelda game in the 3DS eShop, Nintendo. Do you want it back? Oh, that's supposed to be there? Since when do you give anything away for free, no strings attached?

It's not too often, so strike while the iron is hot! In celebration of A Link Between Worlds scoring a few GotY awards and the release of Link to the Past on Wii U Virtual Console, Nintendo is offering The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition for free on the Nintendo 3DS for the entire weekend. "4 Swords, 4 Free, 4 Days Only" the sale reads.

Four Swords is definitely not the most popular game in the series, mostly because not many have even played it. The original version came bundled with the Game Boy Advance port as a kind of mini-game idea, but it was difficult to play since you needed three other friends to own both the device and the game to even start the fun. Oh, the days of the Game Boy link cable.

The Gamecube saw the idea explode into a full blown game, one of Nintendo's few to employ the GBA to Gamecube connectivity idea. To fully enjoy it, you need four friends with Game Boy Advances and the cable to connect the two devices together. I managed this only once in my college years and had a blast. Of course, there is also the hardcore way to play the game too.

Four Sword Anniversary Edition is a DSi remake of the original Game Boy Advance idea. It has a single player mode, easier access to multiplayer, and extra levels from classic Zelda games. This is the first time in a while I'll have a chance with a new Zelda game. Kind of exciting!

The sale is available alongside Nintendo's indie game sale, and it will conclude on Feb. 2. Once the sale is over, the game will disappear and not even be available for purchase. "Grab it while you can: when the offer ends, it might be a while before you see the game again in Nintendo eShop."