If Guy Ritchie, Shane Black, and Quentin Tarantino made a movie together, it would be Free Fire, which is set to hit theaters this Friday.

Set in 1970s Boston, Free Fire is an action-comedy that tells the story of an Irish gang and an arms deal gone bad. What should be the premise of a horror film is actually endearingly funny. And it features an all star cast, which includes Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, and Brie Larson, the latter of whom is none other than Captain Marvel.

“When everyone has a gun, no one’s in control,” the movie’s tagline reads.

What initially starts off as a routine exchange quickly devolves into a chaotic flurry of flying bullets, hurt egos, and open wounds. This is where the Ritchie comparison comes in. As bullets begin flying, the movie’s cast of idiots start shouting hilarious insults, shooting at anything with a pulse.

The movie looks like a ton of fun, thanks in part to the wild premise and sharp script. And it looks like these actors are having a blast playing such dimwitted weirdos.

If perhaps you don’t wind up seeing Free Fire this weekend, don’t fret. As part of Amazon’s deal with A24, expect the movie to hit Prime Video before the summer is up.

You can check out the movie’s red band trailer below.