Commander Video

Free for the weekend? Why not dive into an infinite runner from your browser? Commander Video is a retro-esque runner from Gaijin Games, the studio behind the Bit.Trip series. This free runner packs sweet tunes, brutal difficulty and even unlockables.

Sure, the whole thing is basically just an advertisement for the recently released Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. But, pay attention to the on screen prompts, and you'll quickly learn that you can restart runs fast and get back to playing without even being bothered with ads.

We did a Let's Play episode for Runner2 way back when the game launched. So, if this freebie has tickled your fancy, here's a look at that wonderful title in motion.

A browser based runner from, arguably the best at the genre, Gaijin Games? Why wouldn't you try this one out?