Admit it…you’ve got an app idea that you’re SURE would kill on Google Play and in other Android app stores. Problem is, you’re not a programmer and you have no idea how to develop an app and get it distributed.

That’s what’s so compelling about picking up the Android Mobile Hacker Bundle of online courses from eLearning, available now for FREE in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Thankfully, this five-course bundle includes:

  • iOS & Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners: It’s just like it sounds…App Development 101, with a full roster of basic app-building knowledge crafted with the novice in mind.
  • Learn Android Studio in 2 Hours: It may take longer than two hours to master, but within 120 minutes, you’ll know your way around the top web app environment in the Android universe.
  • Development Essentials with DIY Project: Put your learning into practice with this course that turns your Android fundamentals into working app models.
  • Game Development Crash Course: Understand Corona SDK, the guts under the hood of some of the most popular Android games on the web.  You’ll learn to use animation, audio and a host of other tools to create a killer gaming app experience.
  • Learn Android 4.0 Programming in Java: Export all your new-found app skills into the Android 4.0 environment to generate slick, user-friendly apps that you can then make available for the world to download.

After digesting nearly 24 hours of content, you’ll have the skills to take your app idea from ideal daydream to active download in no time.

And did we forget to mention it’s FREE?

No matter what, you lose nothing, so take the gamble and make your dream app happen right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.