Battlefield 4

Both Battlefield 4 and LIMBO are free on the PlayStation Store once it gets its weekly update. One is a available as a free game through the Instant Collection and is a bonafide classic representing all that is great in the indie gaming world. The other is perhaps at the exact opposite end of the video game spectrum as a game that loudly blares everything that gaming has become as a big budget industry.

I'll let you choose which is which. Just remember, they are both free starting today, May 27th! However, unlike any other day for the rest of time, I am going to suggest you play the latter as you only have a chance to do so for a limited time.

EA has been gracious enough to give you a free chance to play Battlefield 4 for just one day. All PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to download a trial version of the all-out modern warfare shooter..

You can find the free trial version on the PlayStation Store through the PlayStation 3, so hurry up and download it. Play to you heart's content, because this trial version will only remain in operation for just 20 hours after it goes live. EA is hoping you have so much fun that you'll ignore the negative press around its controversial hit and cough up money to play the real game after the fact.

And who knows? Maybe you just might have that fun if you don't spend all twenty hours with matchmaking difficulties and the other problems which plague the game's servers.

Free is free, so be sure to check out Battlefield 4 even if you've been a shutout to the series up to this point. In recent years, DICE has done a better job than Infinity Ward and the other Call of Duty studios in pushing and evolving is franchise to new heights with each release, so if you are looking for the series to get behind, this is it.