Portlandia's Fred Armisen has to be one of the funniest people around today. Who didn't snort-laugh when he played a tech reviewer showing off a particularly glitchy Google Glass on Saturday Night Live? (If you didn't catch it, the video is embedded below.)

The prop used in the sketch was actually a dummy cobbled together with plastic and a sunglass frame, but if you ever wondered how Armisen would've really fared with the genuine article, here's a treat for you: Engadget ended up slapping the developer version of Glass on the comedian in real life.

Armisen has never actually worn the real thing, and it's rather funny to see Tim Stevens trying to help him out with speech commands. The device kept picking up on Stevens' voice instead of his guest's. Still, the performer is clearly intrigued with this pair of Glasses, and he thinks they could be useful for things like tele-prompting news anchors or feeding actors their lines. And maybe that's true, but we prefer our Dothraki and Crawleys sans tech.