Concerned about electromagnetic radiation from your gadgets? You're not alone. There are numerous inquiries and studies on the topic (on both sides), with no conclusive answers emerging yet to shape policy one way or the other. The closest we've come is the World Health Organization's designation of mobile phones as "possibly carcinogenic" — which just means it's too early to tell and more research is needed. But this has still left some consumers taking a "better safe than sorry" approach to their technology, whether with judicious use or specialized accessories that purportedly mitigate EMF signals.

Enter CeL-Factor, which has hopped on the EMF-fear mongering bandwagon. The company has put out a new, very specialized cell phone accessory that claims to offer anti-EMF benefits. It's basically a sticker for your devices that's made of polymers and "special inks," which supposedly communicate with our bodies to maintain the tissue temperature in our heads and help "cells remain organized whenever exposed to EMF radiation."

Mmmkay… I don't get it. Then again, I'm not a medical science geek — if you are, please weigh in here — but just how are non-electric polymers and special inks supposed to communicate with a user's biological cells? And over the air, to boot. Call me crazy, but that sounds about as likely as aliens landing.

For more, check out the press release below. Then weigh in with your thoughts, and let me know if you think there's a chance this could actually work, or if this looks like someone's pants are on fire.

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HOLLAND, Mich., May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — During the CTIA convention held in New Orleans, LA, May 8 thru 10, 2012, von Hoffmann and Partner Technologies and CeL-Factor™, LLC introduced their line of EMF radiation protection devices to the industry and the public.

CeL-Factor's™ philosophy is one of better living for the entire family and calls for an all-encompassing protection of our bodies…inside and out. We now live in a world where wireless technology is an important part of our business and personal lives, to the point where wireless communications touches nearly every aspect of our daily existence even to the point of being status symbols and trophies of achievement. As our individual futures depend more and more on these technologies, von Hoffmann and Partner Technologies believes that it is necessary to protect our lives as well as enhance them. They believe that their technological advancement of Energetic Quanta Cymatics Communication Technology (EQCCT) optimizes and protects the quality of life for each wireless device consumer. Therefore, they continue to challenge the status quo.

The line of products released at CTIA, called CeL-Factor™ utilizes the Energetic Quanta Cymatics Communication Technology (EQCCT) that has demonstrated, after years of clinical testing, real benefits to wireless users. This technology especially helps cell phone users in two ways: 1) to help keep a person's head tissue temperature cooler when they use a cell phone and 2) help a cell phone user's blood remain in a more normal state.

November 14-18, 2011, von Hoffmann and Partner Technologies and in particular their new product, CeL-Factor™, participated in a comprehensive double-blind, randomized placebo based study conducted at the world renowned Jasper Clinical Research and Development, Inc. This comprehensive double blind study was conducted on the company's product, CeL-Factor™ to determine its effectiveness in diminishing the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

The study was conducted to validate and confirm the company's claim that when using a cell phone in conjunction with their product it would:

1. Help keep your head's tissue temperature cooler, and

2. Help keep your blood in a more normal state.

The clinic reviewed 68 separate performances on subjects who were both female and male (a mix of Caucasians and African Americans) whose ages ranged between 16 to 30 years of age, each using their own personal cell phones. Neither the subjects nor the researchers knew if the cell phone being used had a placebo product attached to it or if the cell phone had the actual CeL-Factor™ product attached to it.

The Jasper Clinic's doctors and staff (Dean W. Knuth, President and CEO, Jasper Research and Development, Inc.; Dr. Thomas Blok MD, Director of Research; Dr. Otto Linet, MD, Principal Investigator; Dr. James VanderLugt MD, Sub Investigator; Karen Klott RN, Study Coordinator; Julie McGonigal, Project Manager; Nabil Ghazal, IRB-Informed Consent; Diana Reist, Regulatory) Researchers: Dr. Robert Kane DC, DABCT, FIACT and Diane Victor N.D. determined the double blind study they conducted on the CeL-Factor™ product produced stunning and superior results. The clinic's protocol and analysis confirmed and validated that after reviewing all 68 separate performances only one performance did not show the expected analysis.

Additional testing has been conducted by such notable institutions as; The Royal Scientific Society of Amman, Jordan and the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

As a product line, CeL-Factor™ has undergone extensive testing since 2004.

The CeL-Factor™ device has no affect on the performance of the cell phone or other devices it is attached to. CeL-Factor™ does not "shield" or "block" the EMF radiation from the cell phone or other wireless devices. If it did, the wireless device would not function as designed. Rather, the CeL-Factor™ works with the human body by communicating on a cellular level to keep cells organized when distortion occurs from EMF emitting devices such as cell phones and other wireless devices. Consumer awareness of the potential dangers of EMF radiation has risen dramatically over the past several years. In 2011 The World Health Organization (WHO) placed cell phones on their list of carcinogens. Also, there have been scores of articles, studies and scientific papers from around the world pointing out the hazards of exposure to EMF radiation.

The risks from being exposed to EMF radiation effects everyone, but is far more pronounced on children. Dr. Om Gandhi of the University of Utah has done an extensive study regarding the penetration of EMF radiation into the skulls of children. As children, the bones in the skull have not fully knitted together or reached their final, adult thickness. Therefore, the younger or smaller the child the deeper the penetration of the radiation emitted from the cell phone. CeL-Factor™ is a simple to use, clinically proven, accessory that can be attached to any cell phone.

Executives from the wireless industry visited the CeL-Factor™ booth at the CTIA trade show and concur that a working relationship between CeL-Factor™ and the wireless world is the perfect partnership. Although the company's focus for CTIA was on cell phones as they are the most widely used device that consumers can't live without and they should be protected from the EMF they generate. The company also has individual products for baby monitors, laptop computers, tablets, televisions, home phone systems and other EMF emitting devices. There is specific CeL-Factor™ for each category of wireless devices. This is necessary so that the correct frequency is addressed in the various types of wireless devices.

"We believe CeL-Factor™ provides genuine consumer peace of mind when using a wireless device of any kind," stated CeL-Factor™ Director of R&D, Friedrich Gradl von Hoffmann.

As a product line, CeL-Factor™ has undergone extensive testing since 2004. For a complete report of the testing results, please visit the company's web site: