Still freaking out about FREAK? Apple fans no longer need to worry about the browser-based security flaw thanks to recent updates for both iOS and OS X.

The Cupertino company pushed out a quick security update for the last few versions of its OS X desktop software on Tuesday, covering Yosemite along with Mavericks and Mountain Lion. The update promises to protect Apple's Safari browser from the FREAK vulnerability. It also adds extra security for iCloud Keychain and patches several other smaller issues.

Additionally, Apple's included a fix for FREAK in iOS 8.2, which the company released on Monday following its Apple Watch press event. The mobile update includes a handful of other security fixes. It also adds a new Apple Watch app to your homescreen and offers improvements to its Health app, Maps, Music and more.

In case you missed it, FREAK (Factoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys) was uncovered last week. The security flaw allowed hackers to trick your browser into lowering its encryption level. A ton of websites which claimed to be secure were actually vulnerable to FREAK, though thanks to Apple you should be safe moving forward assuming you're using an iOS or OS X machine.