Fractal Design Nano S Computer Case

Silent but deadly

Fractal Design says its new Nano S offers a unique combination of size (it's a compact enclosure for mini ITX builds), noise (it has several sound dampening qualities), and potential power (you can fit some full size components inside).

The case measures just 275mm (W) by 485mm (H) by 420mm (D) and weighs 4.6 kilograms, or 10.82 inches (W) by 19.09 inches (H) by 16.53 inches (D) and 10.14 pounds. It has about half the volume of a standard ATX form factor case, Fractal Design says.

Fractal Design's goal was to create a quiet case that offers "enthusiast-level builds" in a mini ITX footprint. To that end, it supports up to four storage drives, including a pair of dedicated 2.5-inch mounting points and two more that each support both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive installations.

Graphics cards up to 315mm (12.4 inches) in length can fit inside. To put that into perspective, a reference GeForce GTX Titan X measures 10.5 inches long. This would also be a good time to remind anyone reading that AMD recently slashed the price of its Radeon R9 Nano to $499.

You can also fit a standard ATX power supply up to 160mm/6.3 inches deep and CPU cooler up to 160mm/6.3 inches high.

The Nano S sports half a design fan positions and comes with two fans, a 140mm and a 120mm. Filtered fan slots in the front and bottom eject from the front of the case to keep those dust bunnies from raising an army.

You can also opt to liquid cool — the case can hold up to a 280mm radiator up front, up to 240mm up top, and up to a 120mm radiator on the bottom.

As for the quiet computing claim, Fractal Design decked out its Nano S with sound dampening material on both side panels, or just one if opting for the version with a side window.

You should be able to order the Nano S soon for $65 MSRP, or $70 with side Window.

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