Foxconn, the firm that builds a lot of Apple’s products, announced recently that it will drastically increase the size of its Taiwan-based workforce in an effort to promote long-term growth.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the firm will hire 15,000 new employees with expertise across many industries, including “telecommunications, e-commerce, biotechnology, automation, software and hardware development.” Foxconn usually boosts its manufacturing facility headcount leading into the launch of a new Apple product, though these are more permanent positions.

Foxconn may be best known for its manufacturing prowess, but The Wall Street Journal said it’s also working to compete in the wireless backhaul space and to sell a line of accessories. Also, in February, Google announced a new robotics partnership with the firm, which should lead to more efficient manufacturing processes in the future.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Foxconn already has more than 1 million employees based in China – where a lot of its manufacturing occurs, but that the new employees will join an existing base of 46,000 Taiwan-based workers.