Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that his company has plans to build one line of the company's Mac computers in the United States next year. Rumors last month suggested that Foxconn, one of Apple's manufacturers, planned to open up facilities in the United States, too. Now the company is making it official.

"We are looking at doing more manufacturing in the U.S. because, in general, customers want more to be done there," a Foxconn spokesperson told Bloomberg. Foxconn doesn't just build Apple products, however, so it's possible products from other U.S. firms will be built in the facilities, too.  "Supply chain is one of the big challenges for U.S. expansion," Woo continued. "In addition, any manufacturing we take back to the U.S. needs to leverage high-value engineering talent there in comparison to the low-cost labor of China."

Foxconn already has factories in Texas and California but they don't fully assemble products.

[via Bloomberg]