Need more proof the iPhone 6 is coming soon? Most reports have suggested that Apple is going to sell its iPhone 6 in September and that production will soon be underway. Now, a fresh report out of Taiwan claims that Apple’s manufacturing partners Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn, and Pegatron, are hiring new workers to help build the device.

According to Reuters, which cites a report from Economic Daily out of Taiwan, Hon Hai is hiring more than 100,000 new workers to build the iPhone 6, more workers than it has ever hired at a single time. Additionally, Pegatron will bolster its employee base by about 30 percent, the report said.

We typically hear about large batches of new hires right ahead of new Apple product launches, particularly for major flagship devices like the iPhone, largely so that the manufacturers can keep up with manufacturing demand once the products hit the market. Foxconn struggled when the iPhone 5 launched, however, and blamed a lot of the issues on the complexities of building the iPhone 5. If true, this is yet another major hint that the iPhone 6 is coming soon.

Economic Daily news said Foxconn has the bulk of the iPhone 6 orders, about 70 percent of them, while Pegatron will manufacture the rest. With so much on its plate, it’s no wonder Foxconn is trying to make sure it has enough hands on deck.