Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer Foxconn announced on Thursday that it will hire up to 3,000 software engineers to help work with its new partner Mozilla on the redesigned Firefox OS while also developing its own software in a bid to expand beyond hardware assembly.

Specifically, the company is looking for engineers with skills in HTML 5 and in cloud computing. The announcement comes just two weeks after Foxconn publicly announced its partnership with Mozilla. Foxconn has plans to develop five Firefox OS devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs. The biggest issue, however, will be bringing consumers into an ecosystem with just 1,000 apps, which is where all those software engineers come into play.

Foxconn is best known for its partnership with Apple and the mass production of iPhones under questionable work conditions, but the two companies' relationship has become strained recently, with a lot of Apple's hardware manufacturing business now going to rival Chinese manufacturer Pegatron. Foxconn also recently announced its intentions to move into robot development, stating that it plans to hire 5,000 employees for a robotics facility in Taiwan.