Apple supplier Foxconn wants to build a new plant to manufacture iPhones in India, according to comments made by local officials recently. Foxconn has similar plants in China and Brazil, but this one could be very important for Apple’s expansion plans.

According to Reuters, a Foxconn plant in India could help cut the final cost of iPhones for consumers in that market. Currently, Apple faces headwinds from competitors such as Samsung and other manufacturers of low cost Android handsets. If Foxconn and, ultimately Apple, can save on building locally, it can also work to drive down the starting prices of its iPhones in India. Reuters said Foxconn can also offset some of the costs of wage inflation in China by building a new plant elsewhere.

Foxconn previously operated a plant in India for Nokia’s devices division before it was acquired by Microsoft. The company reportedly wants to open as many as 12 total facilities in India by 2020.