iPhone 5 Blurred Phone

A Japanese news crew filming at Foxconn in March managed to get word from a Foxconn employee that Apple is planning to launch the new iPhone in June. Another employee, recently interviewed by Maeil Business Newspaper in South Korea, said that Apple's next generation iPhone will actually launch this fall. "We just got the order," Foxconn's head of human resources in its Taiyuan factory allegedly said."[The release] will be around October." Who knows at this point? We suppose it's possible that the HR director at Foxconn would know worker's schedules and expectations on when a product needs to ship in volume, but it's also hard to believe anyone at Foxconn would truly know when Apple's next iPhone will launch. Hopefully we'll know sooner than later, and you can read our iPhone 5 wish list to tide you over until we do.

[via Kotaku]