iPhone 5 - Black - Bezel

Whether your smartphone platform of choice is Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, there's no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S III is the hottest handset available right now. According to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, however, it won't be holding onto that acclaim for too long, because the new iPhone will be even better.

Despite Apple's obsession with secrecy and preventing leaks, it seems the company's largest manufacturing partner — which assembles almost all of its Mac and iOS devices — isn't afraid of talking about upcoming products. During an annual shareholders meeting, Gou reportedly said that consumers should wait for Apple's next-generation iPhone, which will put the "Galaxy S III to shame."

Fortunately for Gou — and for Apple — he managed to keep the reasons why he believes the new iPhone will be better under his hat.

Gou didn't mind talking about Foxconn's new relationship with Sharp, however. After the company acquired a 10% stake in Sharp earlier this year, we can expect Sharp to become deeply involved in the supply of future components for Apple devices — particularly displays. Gou claims that Sharp's cutting-edge display manufacturing facilities in Sakai City, Osaka, will give Foxconn a three-year lead over Samsung.

It has been rumored for some time that Sharp will supply displays for Apple's devices, with its new IGZO products — which are said to be better than existing displays in terms of color and brightness, while consuming less energy — ideal for devices like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

However, it is believed that Sharp has never been able to provide the yield rates that Apple requires to meet the overwhelming demand of its products. Maybe the company's new relationship with Foxconn will help to change that.

What do you think the iPhone 5 needs to be better than the Samsung Galaxy S III?

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