Foxconn is currently afraid that it's relying too much on Apple for its business. The New York Times recently addressed many of the company's concerns, and how the popular electronics manufacturer may try to move away from its reliance on Apple to venture into new industries. Still, buried in that article is a hint that Foxconn may soon be working on Apple's iTV.

The New York Times said one of Foxconn's new strategies will be to focus on television sets, that it will develop on its own. That suggests two things: that Foxconn wants to build more of its own electronics to sell independent of another company, and that it wants experience building TVs. If we read between the lines a bit, we can take away that Foxconn, Apple's largest manufacturer, has a new found interest in TVs. It's hard not to walk away assuming that the company may also build a set for the Cupertino-based firm.

Foxconn could very well indeed start off by building a set for Apple. "Moving beyond Apple could prove tricky; it is hard to make money in televisions these days, as many of the Japanese electronics companies can attest," The New York Times said. Perhaps Foxconn can make a few bucks by building Apple's TV set, and learn how to make a profit on its own sets in the meantime.

Of course, this is all absolute speculation right now. Remember, the focus of the article is that Foxconn wants to move away from its reliance on Apple.