Amazon Kindle PhoneFoxconn subsidiary Foxconn International Holding (FIH) has apparently inked deals with Microsoft and Amazon to build smartphones for both firms. The devices are expected to ship as early as the middle of next year, according to DigiTimes, which has a shaky track record reporting on tech news. We're not surprised by the rumor, however, because pundits have long expected that Amazon will eventually build a self-branded smartphone, and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer recently hinted to his own company's plans to do the same.

Microsoft's handset will obviously run Windows Phone 8, and we're guessing Amazon's will run a custom version of Android, just like the company's Kindle Fire family of tablets. FIH will reportedly provide a limited shipment volume at first. The company is also known for building handsets for ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony and Nokia, DigiTimes explained.

[via DigiTimes]