If the Nightline report on working conditions at Foxconn seemed a little too clean for you, there may have been a reason for that.

AppleInsider spoke with Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) project officer Debby Sze Wan Chan about recent happenings at Foxconn leading up to the Nightline report as well as the FLA (Fair Labor Association) inspection.

Chan said she had heard from two Foxconn workers in Zhenghou last week that the manufacturer was "prepared for the inspection" by the Fair Labor Association that had been commissioned by Apple and began last week.

"All underage workers, between 16-17 years old, were not assigned any overtime work and some of them were even sent to other departments," Chan reported the workers as having said.

Another Foxconn worker in Chengdu said she had been allowed three breaks a day recently because of the audit, whereas she is accustomed to only receiving one break a day.

During the Nightline segment, FLA president Auret van Heerden addressed concerns that the organizations inspections were scheduled and that Foxconn could be putting on a show for them. He said that he fully expected a show to be put on, but due to their experience with other factories such as this they had ways of telling what was being hidden from them.

There is also some concerns over accusations that Foxconn has been able to get some schools to force students to work in the factories under the guise of "internships."

It would appear that the Apple/Foxconn issue is a long way from being resolved.

[via AppleInsider]