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Dust off your old crown because Foursquare mayorships are finally back as part of an update to the company’s Swarm app. The news follows a leaderboard feature introduced last fall, which let you compete with friends over a general category like coffee shops.

Moving forward Swarm will let you become mayor of a specific location, just like the original Foursquare app. It’s been a long time coming, but you can finally claim control over your local cafe, movie theater or gym, at least until someone else steals the crown. Just rack-up the most visits in the past 30 days, with only one check-in per day actually counting towards your score. There are also new mayor stickers to show off to your friends, and the option to share a check-in on Facebook and Twitter with a single extra tap.

The one downside is that your old mayorships won’t carry over. That means you’re pretty much starting from scratch, though any recent Swarm check-ins should count towards your current rankings. Foursquare received plenty of criticism for cutting mayorships when it initially launched Swarm, though it’s good to see the feature come back largely unchanged.

To start competing for mayorships just update your app or download Swarm now via Apple’s App Store and Google Play links below.