When Foursquare split itself in two and launched Swarm it also shed a lot of its most popular features. Since then we’ve seen it slowly add some, like mayorships, back into the new app. Now another feature is returning, though it comes with a new twist.

The latest update brings leaderboards back to Swarm. The new feature pits you against your network of friends in a weekly contest to see who has the most coins. These coins are a new addition too, and you’ll collect them through regular check-ins, mayorships and streaks. For now their only purpose is this leaderboard competition, though Foursquare also hints they could become more useful with future updates.

The company actually tried something similar last year, adding a different type of leaderboard system to Swarm. Back then simply checking into the most coffee shops, restaurants or any other type of location could win you a golden sticker. This new system seems a lot more simple with just a single leaderboard instead of multiple competitions all happening at once.

The latest Swarm update also introduces a “Here Now” feature that makes it easier to see who else is checked in at the same place as you. The entire thing is available now for iPhone or Android, and Foursquare promises a Windows Phone equivalent is coming soon too.