Believe it or not, Foursquare has never actually offered an official iPad app. Back when the company’s bread and butter was mobile check-ins that might have made sense, but after spinning that feature off it looks like an official Foursquare iPad app is finally in the works.

Foursquare chief revenue officer Steven Rosenblatt broke the news during a Mashable-hosted media conference on Friday, adding that it’s expecting to launch in the next few weeks. The new iPad app will give Foursquare fans a way to check out popular restaurants and other places of interest from the comfort of their homes on the device’s bigger screen.

In case you missed it, Foursquare split itself into two apps earlier this year, turning check-ins into an entirely new feature called Swarm. What remains is a clever new Yelp-rival that takes your personal preferences into consideration along with your location and suggestions from the people you choose to follow. It’s actually a pretty great app, and we’re excited to see how Foursquare can take advantage of all the extra screen space an iPad has to offer.