Foursquare got its first official iPad app today, offering a redesigned version of its recommendation service designed for bigger screens. The company previously teased its iPad plans earlier this month as a way to enjoy Foursquare from the comfort of your couch.

The app is specifically designed for planning trips, something Foursquare says people are more likely to do on an iPad. The updated design adds a carousel of travel suggestions, while the built-in map shows a column of suggestions on the left side of the screen when held in landscape mode. There’s also brand new section that lists all the most popular points-of-interest in a city. If you’re planning a vacation this could be a great way to brainstorm ideas for places to eat and other spots to check out.

The release of an official iPad version of Foursquare follows the company’s decision to split itself into two separate apps earlier this year. Foursquare is now more of a Yelp-competitor, focused on helping you find interesting places. Meanwhile, check-ins have been spun-off into a new social app called Swarm.

To check out the new Foursquare app on your iPad hit the App Store link below, or head to Foursquare for even more info.