While there are many who say Foursquare is essentially nothing more than a feature that should exist inside of other social networks, people still seem to be flocking to it.  Whether it’s wanting to earn badges, or become the mayor of some location to earn a discount, people seem to be in love with the king of location networks.

While the blog post from the company is scant on details, they did provide an infographic to show off some of the highlights of the year (show below, click for a larger version).  The user base has climbed to 6 million, up from the 4 million we were hearing through out 2010, but still well below other social networks such as the failing MySpace, or the gargantuan Facebook at over 500 million users.

And that’s why I have to tend to agree with those that say Foursquare is more of a feature that should exist within another social network than be one on its own.  Six million users for anything is not a bad number, but in the social networking scene it’s more of a hiccup.  And with Foursquare being the leader in the category, where does that place Gowalla?  At least services such as Yelp added check-ins to its already existing reviews and business listings, and didn’t launch it as a separate entity.

Personally I still use both services, which garnered me a quizzical look from our own Jon Rettinger one night while at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.  For the life of me I can’t tell you why I still use both, but I do.  I think, however, if Foursquare continues its growth this year, and taking into consideration that Brightkite has already dropped out of the race, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see Gowalla drop out of the race.

What say you?  Do you use any of the location based services?

[via Foursquare]