Foursquare recently updated its Android application with new features that make it smarter than ever. The update was launched in tandem with the announcement that foursquare now has more than 32 million tips from more than 4 billion check-ins. Now, instead of simply showing you a notification that one of your friends checked in nearby, the application will begin to tell you about your surroundings.

“Today, with everything that Foursquare has learned about the world, it can be proactive recommendations – helping you discover the greatest things nearby without even having to open the app,” the company explained in a blog post. “It’s like having a ton of local friends stuffed in your pocket wherever you go.” As you walk around New York, for example, it might tell you that your friend Beth has visited and liked a pizza place a few blocks away. Or if you’re sitting down at a restaurant in Tokyo, it might recognize you’re in the restaurant even before you check-in and show you popular items on the menu.

The update will roll out to iOS in the next few months.