Yes! This is a feature I've been dying for. I'm an avid user of FourSquare (I'm still competing with our Editor-in-Chief Sean Aune on checking-in to a specific spot in Irvine, California, at which he's the current mayor). I use it all the time in New York City with my friends so that we can easily meet up at different destinations. On Saturday's we often look for brunch places, but some of our favorite spots aren't always open. On Friday, however, FourSquare added a feature that now provides business hours for each location you can check-in to. Better yet, FourSquare says the restaurants — who have to provide this information in the first place — can also alert users of when the kitchen is open until, whether or not there's a happy hour going on, or if a museum, for example, is currently offering free admission. Kudos, FourSquare, you just made one of my favorite apps even better.

[via FourSquare]