Tech giants like Motorola, LG and Samsung may have led the way when it comes to Android Wear devices, but  traditional watch-makers are getting in on the action too. On that note, Fossil revealed its own sleek smartwatch at Intel’s Developer Forum on Tuesday.

The new watch looks pretty nice, though to be honest it’s also extremely similar to the Moto 360. You get the same round display with a thin metal bezel, the same black bar of dead screen space, and the same crown button placement. Fossil is also offering metal and leather band options.

The company didn’t reveal any specs or a price, though the new smartwatch should be available sometime in October. There’s also a connected bracelet and a non-Android Wear smartwatch on the way, though Fossil didn’t give up any details on either of these devices.

It’s possible we’ll learn more soon as Intel’s conference continues. However, it could be a few more months before we get a full rundown of Fossil’s new wearable technology.