Fossil always seemed like an odd entrant in the Android Wear market, which is why its new Q54 Pilot seems like a much better fit. Rather than running Google’s Android Wear, Fossil’s new watch is much more analog than it is digital, and features traditional chronograph movement for a timeless look and feel. It looks slick, but that beautiful design hides some hidden features that raise the functionality to smartwatch levels.

The Q54 Pilot will hook up to an iOS or Android app, and feed users color-coded LED notifications; it’s not quite like seeing a full message on a device like Fossil’s Q Founder, but it’s a cool take on a smarter watch. In addition to color-coded notifications, the watch will also buzz for things like favorite contacts, apps, and even keywords.

Of course, this being a smarter watch, the Q54 Pilot will track your steps and calories, so you’ll know just how far you walked through the city. If you’re not quite sold on the whole smartwatch revolution, devices like the Q54 Pilot strike an impressive balance of design and functionality. And it starts at just $175, so it’s much cheaper than many of the popular Android Wear devices already available.

The Q54 Pilot will be released this spring, and range from $175-$215.