For years, there was a gaping hole in Forza Motorsport‘s car lineup. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, they’re all there. Koenigsegg, Pagani, McLaren, they’re there too. Porsche, though, has been conspicuously absent thanks to an exclusivity deal the car manufacturer held with Electronic Arts. Now, though, that exclusivity deal is up, and it’s painting a picture of a long life ahead for the Forza games.

Porsche isn’t going exclusive again, though, and I don’t think they’ll make that mistake again. Gran Turismo Sport is set to have Porsche cars among its lineup as well. It’s just that Microsoft and Turn 10 are setting their plans in stone with a six-year deal. Talking to Destructoid, creative director Dan Greenawalt talked a bit about the deal, which will allow the Forza team to start incorporating Porsche’s cars into the games from the get-go, rather than offering them as DLC later on as we’ve seen with the last couple titles.

“Six years is a sweet spot as it allows us to tell bigger and longer stories,” he explained. “It shows a level of commitment from both parties that you couldn’t make in just a few years.”

So many cars, so much time

Indeed, that is a high level of commitment. Forza has never done badly for Microsoft, but it’s not setting the shelves on fire at retail, either. Six years, at the current rate, is three more each of Motorsport and Horizon titles, unless the developer decides to add a third branch to the series.

Since the early days of the Xbox 360, Turn 10’s racing series has served as a sort of visual benchmark for Microsoft’s consoles. Forza Motorsport 5 was one of the first games used to show off the Xbox One, and a screenshot of the current Forzatech engine is the sum total of what the public has seen running on Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio console.

While Forza has never been the best-selling of Microsoft’s library of first-party games, it’s long been one of my favorites, and I’m glad to see signs that it’s not going anywhere for a while.