Since the beginning of the series, Forza Motorsport has been all about setting your own difficulty. Anywhere from a full racing line and assisted braking to pure manual racing with all assists off, Forza wants you to play your way, but it also wants to push you, and it offers bigger rewards for turning more and more of those assists off.

To add another wrinkle, Forza Motorsport 6 will feature racing mods, the team announced today. This isn’t a new muffler or some kind of user created content, though. These mods, which you can win through leveling up and doing things in Forza 6, are meant to give racers another way to challenge themselves or give themselves a temporary boost. Mods are career and free-play only – they won’t be used in multiplayer at all, and they fall into three categories.

Dare mods put you at a disadvantage, such as decreased power, starting in absolute last place, or racing using manual transmission with clutch, and drive up the end reward substantially, even doubling it in some cases. As an additional bonus, if the Dare mod turns on some other difficulty setting as a result, you’ll get that bonus, too.

Crew mods, on the other hand, provide an advantage, such as decreased weight and improved grip. If they’re applied strategically, they can make a big difference. A track with lots of hard corners might benefit from that additional grip, while one with lots of long straight sections would be well suited to one that increases your power.

Finally, Boost mods are a one-time use items that provide a specific advantage. They could be as simple as a bigger payout at the end of a race. One example Turn 10 provided that I especially liked, though, is the Ghost mod, which gives you no collisions for the first lap of a race. The first corner of a race is always the hardest to get through without trading paint, and this would skirt right around that challenge.

The mods will be attainable through gameplay, though the feature sounds suspiciously like something we’ll see as a microtransaction, and some of the language used in the announcement reinforces that (“when obtaining Mod packs,” for example). We’ve reached out to Turn 10 for comment and will update this story if they reply.

Forza Motorsport 6 hits Xbox One exclusively on September 15.