Car photography certainly wasn’t invented by Forza Motorsport, but for years now – long before most other games thought to put a photo mode into their games – Turn 10’s racing sim has been encouraging amateur photographers without access to real supercars to try their hand at capturing the beauty of the automobile.

Forza Motorsport 6 only just hit shelves on September 15, but it was in the hands of pre-order players a few extra days before that. In that short time, the community has built up a pretty solid library of shots that’d make any professional car photographer stop and take a second look. The game’s much bigger library of cars and expanded list of tracks, along with the weather and night racing, have only made their work better.

I’ve collected some shots from the game – 14 of my own and another 11 (much better ones) from the community. In these photos I tried to capture as much of Forza as I could. Some shots depict the harsh weather effects you can experience in the game. Others show the drama of the race or the excitement of a perfect drift. Macro shots in the collection show just how detailed the models are, including the engines, down to even capturing the orange-peel look of some paint jobs. I even managed to fit a couple goofy ones in there.

For more shots by the gamers who took the beautiful ones above, check out the image sources below.