Ah, griefing. Possibly one of gaming's best example of something that's only fun for the person doing the griefing. In driving games especially, griefing can be completely obnoxious. Imagine one driver deciding it's time to, say, run the course in reverse or actively slam other racers into walls.

That's griefing.

With Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 is creating the Drivatar system. It basically learns how you race while you're playing, and then plops an AI based around your behaviour in your online opponents' races. It sounds great, right? But it also sounds like a griefer's delight.

Think about the possibility of griefing players even when you're not online. To folks who make griefing a recreational pastime, this could be glorious.

Well, what's bad news for griefers is great news for the rest of us. Turn 10 is working on a solution to these potential, let's just say it, jerks.

Brian Ekberg, Forza Motorsport Community Manager, offered this up to Siliconera.

For people who just want to get online and grief people, if you were to turn around and drive against traffic the Drivatar would stop paying attention to that. It does not record that kind of griefing behavior. That's how we get around that because we recognize that there are people that do that, people that like to get online and grief

Let's just hope it works as well as Turn 10 suggests. Forza Motorsport 5 will be an Xbox One launch title.

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