Turn 10, the developer behind the Forza racing games, has released the first behind-the-scenes video for their upcoming Forza Horizon racing title, currently set for release on October 23rd.

The video shows off the team's attention to detail, with shots of developers and artists out on tracks taking photos, measuring angles, intercut with video from the game.

Freedom and variety are emphasized in the clip, talking up the game's "miles and miles of dirt roads," the new day and night cycles, and the variety of settings through which players can drive.

Creative Director Dan Greenwalt describes the challenges new to Horizon as being about "racing against the world," especially dynamically generated traffic.

Forza Horizon will be a huge change for the developer, who has so far stuck to circuit racing, iterating and improving on the formula. We'll know later this fall if they're ready to take on street racing as well.

[via AllGamesBeta]