We don’t know whether the next racing game from Microsoft and Turn 10 is Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 3, or some third, new branch of the series, but we know it’s coming.

The 86th Geneva International Motor Show is going on, and Italian car company Lamborghini unveiled their newest supercar, the Centenario. Microsoft and Turn 10 have announced that the Centenario will be available in the next Forza game before it’s available in the real world, and it will grace the cover of the next game, which will be officially unveiled at E3.

Beyond that, they’re keeping close to the vest with details. The game will have “the largest and most diverse car list of any video game franchise this generation,” meaning that probably every car currently in Forza Motorsport 6, with the exception of the Porsche cars, which are under license from EA, will be present in the game.

I hope they’re going with another Horizon game, as alternating between the two branches makes both seem a bit fresher when they come around. With only Colorado and southern Europe having been graced by the Horizon series, there are all kinds of places we could visit. California, Japan, Australia, northern Europe – there are plenty of options to explore.

We’ll find out more this June at E3.