Fortnite has turned out to be a global phenomenon, and you shouldn't expect it to slow down anytime soon. The free-to-play title will be getting its own creative mode.

It lets players design entire islands and assemble custom playlists. With the creative mode, Fortnite encourages players to create games and playlists using the tools provided by Epic Games. The publisher-develop will continue adding more items and settings over time. Once everything is in place, up to one hundred players can battle it out.

The idea should sound familiar. It's a common mode, and Mojang's Minecraft was able to show just how interested consumers can be. With a player base that's massive and still growing, a creative mode on Fortnite is completely logical.

Here's the announcement trailer, courtesy of Epic Games:

It's available Thursday for players with a Battle Pass. Everyone else will gain access to the creative mode on Fornite next week. The feature will then start rolling out to all players on Thursday, December 13.