Fornite will soon let players engage in close-quarters combat using swords.

In a tweet, Epic Games confirmed an upcoming content update that'll introduce the bladed weapon. Few details are known at this time, but the publisher-developer describes as being "fit for a king." It's also unclear if there will be one sword offered or the game adds an entire category of swords. So don't be surprised if custom swords are rolled out in the coming weeks and months.

The game hasn't slowed down in recent weeks, either. Epic Games tweaked the island's design, added planes and zip lines, and announced a creative mode. As the player base remains active, new content arrives.

All of this in-game content should be enough to keep more than 75 million monthly active players from putting down their controllers anytime soon.

We'll see how Fortnite handles sword-based battles in the near future. Maybe it'll unlock a whole new form of strategy and combat for what's otherwise a shooting-heavy title.