Fornite is a global phenomenon. Whether you’ve played it or not, the free-to-play title entered into the spotlight of pop culture. That’s why Fortnite earned itself a skit on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Really, it’d be more surprising to hear from someone who wasn’t aware that Fortnite existed.

The skit started with Doomsnake (Kyle Mooney) and Splodeboy (Pete Davidson) logging on to take the plunge out of a Battle Bus and into a war zone. But they’re joined by William McTavish, who’s played by actor Adam Driver. Unfortunately, McTavish isn’t too familiar with Fortnite and only wants to excel in order to impress his son and outperform the child’s stepfather.

Both veteran players are fine showing McTavish the ropes at first, but he immediately starts doing everything that Fortnite newbies are criticized for. McTavish’s character can’t stop squatting and running into a wall. He struggles to open a rare, gold chest as well.

Here’s the entire skit, which runs for less than 4 minutes:

Since it’s a huge part of FortniteSNL incorporated emotes by having McTavish’s character uncontrollably dancing and then getting his squad killed by enemies.

Yet the trio decides to give their squad another attempt because, well, all Fortnite matches are often disastrous. So it’s an accurate parody on what nearly 80 million players experience. Just about anything can (and will) happen on Fortnite.

Driver, by the way, was named the guest host for the second time. He last appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2016 to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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