The last time Skull Trooper was available in Fortnite, the game was just finding its place among the battle royale scene. Now, Fortnite is the hottest ticket in town—and Skull Trooper is back just in time for Halloween. The skin is available now and available for 1,500 V-bucks.

If you do purchase the Skull Trooper suit—how can you not? It looks amazing—it will come with its own set of challenges, which will result in a nice little reward.

There are five challenges to complete and they’re all reasonably difficult. In addition to completing seven daily challenges, you’ll also have to search 10 chests in a single match, play matches with at least one elimination, and more.

Complete all five challenges and you’ll get the ghost portal back bling, completing the look of Skull Trooper. I don’t know if anyone would get this pop culture reference, but Skull Trooper looks eerily like the Halloween costumes the Cobra Kai goons wore in Karate Kid.

(You can watch the scene in question right here, in which Johnny Lawrence and his buddies beat the crap out of Daniel LaRusso.)

“The enemy deserves no mercy!”

As a nice nod to players who purchased Skull Trooper way back when, Epic is allowing original owners to change the skeleton portion of the costume to purple. Only people who purchased Skull Trooper when the skin was originally available can do this, giving them bragging rights over anyone who purchases it today.

You can find the Skull Trooper skin in the Fortnite item shop now.