Details for Fortnite's Season 5 have been revealed, and a lot of new stuff is being added. There's now a golf cart, for one, plus time rifts, a horde challenge, and new locations throughout the Battle Royale map. Oh, and there's a cool legendary outfit called Ragnarok, which will surely intimidate your opponents.

Fans of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode will find plenty of new locations across the map. There's a new desert biome in the lower lefthand corner, plus two new locations, including Paradise Palms. The new biome is a colorful (and scorching) change from the maps typical greenery.

As for the new golf cart, Epic Games calls it an All Terrain Kart (ATK), which can fit an entire squad. The ATK can also be drifted, which results in a temporary speed boost. The vehicle can even be jumped—the players in back will need to lean back and release at the same time for the ATK to go airborne.

Epic Games also revealed some tweaks to the game's storm circles. According to the patch notes, the center of storm circles 7, 8, and 9 will shift in random directions, making the circles more unpredictable. Meanwhile, knocked players will have a smaller collision box, allowing them to get into tighter spaces to avoid being killed.

The Season 5 update is one of the biggest in Fortnite's history. In addition to the ATK and time rifts, there are a number of notable bug fixes in Battle Royale mode, like an issue that resulted in players getting stuck in a doorway.

You can read more about Fortnite's version 5 patch notes at the source link below.